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Speed Windmill
Capacity: 16/24/30p
Power: 40kw
Height: 6m
Voltage: 380v
Cover Area: 19*22m
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Speed windmill rides is one kind of the large-scale thrill amusement park machines which are given up-to-date idea and high technology. A total of six support arms are fixed on the largest arm, each of the support arms has a cabin with five seats. Passengers are pressed on the seats by reliable fixation pole safely. Thirty seats are available at a time.
While Speed Windmill is working, the main column will be raised up slowly, and then it circles both in positive and negative revolution. Meanwhile the support arms also circles at a very high speed. Under this condition the centre of gravity changes and the cabin begins tumbling freely and irregularly. Various motions are added, which produces a three-dimensional and varied trajectory. Scream, big laughter, acousto-optic effect and luxurious decoration and exciting music make people feel like being taken to a fierce ocean, experiencing the excitement of upside down.
It is suitable for amusement park, funfair,outdoor playground, theme park, shopping mall, 
garden, backyard,tourist attraction and so on.


Capacity: 16/24/30p
Power: 40kw
Height: 6m
Voltage: 380v
Cover Area: 19*22m
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